A new route!

My original plan, earlier this year, was to ride south right away, then to southern California, then north to Oregon or Washington state, then east once more to return to Chicago. After talking with many people about this I realized I'd be crossing the northern part of the country in December, January, or February. So I changed my mind and decided to go west first, then south, then east. However, in the first few days of this trip, I enjoyed a bit of a cold snap in the weather, and it served as a warning for the best weather I would likely find on my way to, while crossing, and on the opposite side of the Rocky Mountains. I decided to lookup some historical scientific data, to help inform my decision making. (I invite all current US presidents who may be reading this, to steal this tactic) Thanks to weather.com (not an endorsement) I found that I need to chase the comfortable temperatures I would prefer, south. So, as of today, this is now my likely route. I'll make excursions away from the Mississippi River in either direction, but otherwise intend to follow it's banks south to New Orleans.

I'm wrapping up some loose ends while I'm still here in my hometown of Milwaukee, and I intend to leave on Monday morning.

It sure was a beautiful night last night, relaxing in one of the many beer gardens in the area.